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Get your brand ready to bounce back from COVID

You'll learn how to create stunning web and social media images and assets with not much more than your phone.

You'll discover how to reach your ideal customers on social media

The potential for social media to kickstart a brand or create a viral campaign is limitless. Organic tips and paid strategies for ads that work.

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Find out how to make stunning video ads and promos for social media

We'll explore great apps for making animations and video ads that convert into customers.

Work smarter not harder with new tech for business efficiencies

AI is everywhere and you probably don't even know it's there. Getting chatbots and AI working for you like a staff member who never needs sleep!

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Reset and Refresh

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    Your brand. It's your most precious asset

    • Welcome to the brand bookcamp

    • How do brands refresh without the cost of a full rebrand?

    • Using Unsplash for amazing images.

    • Stand out on social with stunning design and graphics content that anyone can make for free or very low cost. Oh and zero talent!

    • Colour schemes give your brand consistency across channels

    • Refreshing a course attendee's brand to show how easily a refresh can be achieved.

    • Brand start-up project (case study)

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    Reset your social media and reach more customers

    • Overview of social platforms, who uses what and why?

    • Learn how to create powerful content that motivates your customers into action.

    • Advertising and analysising key metrics to understand what a successful campaign looks like.

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    Video content sells and you'll find it super easy when we show you how

    • Why video should be an essential part of your marketing strategy

    • Looking at our Facebook page - how video outperforms other content time and time again!

    • Animoto makes it easy to be awesome

    • Animated gifs and mini promos with Canva

    • Adobe puts the spark into video creation!

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    Top apps and web tools we recommend to work smarter not harder

    • Work smarter and collaboratively to manage your to-do lists with Trello

    • Trello Tutorial

    • G Suite Cloud Office- stay connected anywhere on any device with Google tools that were built for online collaboration

    • Create a decent website with G Suite

    • Ai - it's not as daunting as it sounds.

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    Final Assignment

    • Final Assignment

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